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Did You Know?
There are literally hundreds of reasons to call Frazer before you buy your next EMS vehicle. Here are a few...
It’s far easier to be happy when you’re cool. Not Arthur Fonzarelli cool, but comfortable - the way you feel at home where your air conditioning works well. That’s how our air conditioning works - well. It keeps you cool and then you can be happy.
Aside from being struck by lightning, more electrical power is preferable to less electrical power. Our on-board generator gives you LOTS of 115V AC electrical power.
There aren’t any printed circuit boards to fry in our electrical panel.
There aren't any high idlers, load managers, inverters, load sequencers, battery switches, motherboards, fatherboards, or rubber baby buggy bumpers. Just stuff you can find at the local auto parts store.
We use 120 volt air conditioners and heaters that can also operate off shore power to give your module an environment comfortable for medics and ideal for the safe transportation of medicines.
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