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International CV 515 Chassis Tour with Dan Arnott

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Take a special tour of an International CV 515 chassis!

Join Laura and Dan Arnott with Navistar(Southwest Region) as they discuss many beneficial features of the International CV 515 chassis.

Dan shares about the CV 515 design process with combining the strength and heavy-duty chassis of a commercial vehicle with the drivability and comfort of a passenger vehicle. Learn about several different features and amenities that can be spec’d out to what best suits the needs of the customer.

The CV 515 includes great visibility, comfortable seating, and customizable switching. The premium diamond package includes power windows and seats, a larger touchscreen display, and much more.

Find out more about this chassis and the many benefits it has to offer!

Visit our website at frazerbilt.com and contact us to learn more about your chassis options!

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