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Our History

Frazer History

New Florida Service Center
New Florida Service Center

We’ve expanded our Service Center operations in Florida! Expanding helps us accommodate customers in the Florida panhandle and other surrounding areas.

All Frazer Vehicles to Include HAAS Safety Alert
All Frazer Vehicles to Include HAAS Safety Alert

HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud platform provides motorists with real-time alerts when approaching an equipped Frazer EMS vehicle with its emergency lights activated. In addition, Frazer will make Safety Cloud’s Responder-to-Responder (R2R) collision prevention service available as an add-on safety solution to customers! Learn More

Hunter Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer & Tire Changer
Hunter Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer & Tire Changer

We add a new tire matching and balancing equipment from Hunter Engineering Company. Every new or remounted Frazer unit will go through the process of matching and balancing of the tire and wheel assembly.

MEPS Power Management Interface
MEPS Power Management Interface

Idle Reducing Technology allows the under-hood generator to run your onboard electrical equipment load while quickly recharging your battery banks. This solution allows you to provide electrical power whether your engine is on or off. Learn More

Frazer Wins Houston Chronicle Top Work Places Award!
Frazer Wins Houston Chronicle Top Work Places Award!

On Sunday, November 15th, The Houston Chronicle published “The Houston Metro Area Top Workplaces” and Frazer, Ltd. was named one of Houston’s Top 50 best midsize employers in 2020!   Learn More

Introducing the hPower System!
Introducing the hPower System!

The hPower system from Harrison Hydragen is a high-performance alternator that powers the unit through an inverter-lithium ion battery pack system. Learn More

Infectious Disease Unit
Infectious Disease Unit

Introducing specialized EMS vehicles designed to minimize exposure and limit the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. The Frazer Infectious Disease Unit is the perfect solution for any service looking for extra levels of safety and protection for their crew members. Learn More

The Frazer/ACETECH Demo!
The Frazer/ACETECH Demo!

We announce a first-of-its-kind EMS vehicle combining the legendary durability and reliability of Frazer’s generator-powered design along with the technological sophistication provided by the robust ACETECH multiplexing system. Learn More

Partnership with Technimount System
custom EMS vehicle Technimount

Frazer enters a new distribution partnership with Technimount System, manufacturer of bracket mounting systems for portable medical devices. Learn More

Developed & Launched New ERP System
Ambulance ERP

Frazer takes a huge leap in the management of their core business processes by releasing their first ever ERP system! The benefits of the new system include everything from customer ordering to production planning! Learn More

Mobile Stroke Unit Production Continues…
UCLA Mobile Stroke

Frazer continues to deliver more and more Mobile Stroke Units to customers across the United States. With now over 6 customers and 8 new Mobile Stroke Units, Frazer is truly defining the future of mobile healthcare. Learn More

World’s First Mobile Lung Screening Unit
Mobile Lung Screening Unit

The earlier lung cancer can be detected, the better chance for effective treatment. Frazer creates the world’s first Mobile Lung Screening Unit for Levine Cancer Institute to provide cancer screenings for communities in need. Learn More

Introducing the Frazer Core Values
Featured Video Play Icon

Frazer assembles a team that identifies and idealizes what it means to be an employee at Frazer. The Frazer Core Values are born! Learn More

Mobile Stroke Unit Improved Safety
Mobile Stroke Unit Safety

We are excited to share brand-new safety advancements we’ve made in securing the Neurologica-made CereTom Portable C.T. scanner in our latest Mobile Stroke Unit. Learn More

Frazer Celebrates 60 Years!
Custom Ambulance 60th Anniversary

Frazer celebrates its 60th birthday! There has been a lot of growth and change through the many years. Learn More

The Nation’s First Mobile Stroke Unit
Custom Ambulance Mobile Stroke

Frazer builds the first Mobile Stroke Unit in the nation! As part of a partnership with UTHealth, Frazer introduces a speedier, more effective solution that will change the landscape of stroke care in the United States. Learn More

The Universal HealthCare Vehicle
Universal Healthcare Vehicle

Frazer builds a customized mobile clinic for Christus Foundation for HealthCare. Driven by the age-old concept of the house call, this unit goes beyond congested emergency rooms to deliver health services to remote locations. The highly configurable module features hot and cold running water, blood draw stations, and much more.

Safety State of Mind
Frazer Safety

Frazer enrolls in the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Challenge Program, as part of its continued commitment to worksite safety. VPP certification signifies the highest level of safety possible in the workplace. It usually takes three years to meet the OSHA standards required to attain elite VPP status. Frazer is up for the challenge.

Hospital Corporation of America
Hospital Corporation of America

Seeing PHI’s success with their training unit, North Hills Hospital & HCA call Frazer with a request for a generator-powered EMS module. The North Hills unit is fully loaded with customized options: a universal remote control, a METIman® (patient simulator), and even a Wii™ console.

Hydraulic Lifts
Hydraulic Lift Gates

Frazer first added the hydraulic lift to a Montgomery County EMS vehicle way back in 2000. Almost a decade later, the lift makes a comeback in two units: a multipurpose lift for Metro Ambulance and a pediatric lift for isolettes in four Texas Children’s Hospital (Kangaroo Crew) units.

Women’s Business Enterprise
Woman Owned Business

Frazer gains certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the largest third-party certifier of women-owned businesses. Frazer is also certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) and the City of Houston Office of Business Opportunity.

The One Stop Truck Shop
Truck Shop

Frazer identifies a need to streamline the workflow on trucks and decides to build a new shop for this purpose. With the arrival of the one stop truck shop, in-progress units no longer have to be moved around frequently during production. This adds a new degree of efficiency to the process.

A New Paint Shop
Paint Shop

Frazer is growing rapidly. As volume increases, a single paint booth proves to be a bottleneck. Frazer installs a new paint booth, making it possible to paint two units simultaneously.

Medical Transport Units
Medical Tranpost Unit

Frazer builds transport units for the UTMB Correctional Managed Care, customized with a metal cage and steel brackets. These units are used to transport ailing inmates to and from nearby medical facilities for treatment. The 12-foot module can comfortably fit 5-7 people, while the 14-foot unit can transport 7-9 people at the same time.

UCV: The Next Generation
2006 UCV

Frazer adds to the existing UCV line. This bigger UCV is equipped with a taller box and larger compartments. It can accommodate more rescue personnel and first response equipment. It has the added benefit of an on-board generator.

Lights, Camera, FrazerCast!
2006 podcast

As demand for online content grows, a podcast series seems like the next logical step. Enter FrazerCast, a video platform for vendor interviews, trade shows, and lots more.

Training Medics
Training Medics

Frazer builds two multimedia training units for PHI Air Medical. These modules help provide education and simulated clinical experiences for medics, students, and firefighters.

Cutting Edge Computing
Frazer Server

With only a switch and a server to power the network, the first incarnation of Frazer’s server room is limited but functional. As the company evolves, however, the server room expands in content and capacity. Today, it hosts several virtual and physical servers, as well as an open source system that fuels the collaborative process at Frazer.

Movin’ In
Frazer Office

As growth continues, Frazer decides to construct a new main office. This building serves as home to striping and lettering, MIS, human resources, sales, marketing, and accounting.

Time for Expansion
ems aluminum building

Looking to expand in-house production, Frazer opens an aluminum fabrication facility. This 20,000 sq. ft. shop is outfitted with several new CNC machines.

Going Wood-free
EMS welding

One of Frazer’s trademark features has always been the double structural tubing found in every corner of the generator-powered EMS module. In 2005, Frazer goes a step further by making its units completely wood-free.

Express Delivery
EMS Fleet

After receiving a grant from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Houston Fire Department decides to invest in a fleet of emergency vehicles. HFD orders 21 Frazer generator-powered EMS modules. Frazer builds and delivers all 21 vehicles within 60 days, a company record at the time.

Heating Up
2004 kbr

Frazer builds resilient, heavy-duty units for KBR. These bad boys are fully capable of operating in extreme heat temperatures and are loaded with 220V 50 Hz electrical outlets. The KBR modules also have the distinction of being the first emergency Frazer units built for overseas use. Some of them are flown to the Middle East on a chartered Antonov aircraft.

Striping & Lettering
striping and lettering

Once upon a time, Frazer relied on independent contractors for its striping and lettering needs. Seeing an opportunity to expand in-house production, Frazer decides to create a striping and lettering department. It starts out with a single-color vinyl cutter and soon blossoms into a full-time service employing a staff of graphic artists.

Embracing the Web

Frazer seeks to harness the power of the Internet by launching a new website. Many projects would flood in over the years, expanding Frazer’s reach and laying the groundwork for the future.

A Whole New Product
League City EMS

The Frazer Urban Command Vehicle features six compartments, each with adjustable shelves and a vast middle section capable of carrying at least 20 backboards and a Stokes basket. In other words, way more carrying capacity than an SUV. Plus, the body is remountable.

A Whole New Product
2000 Frazer

Having already built two generator-powered EMS modules for the League City Emergency Medical Service, Frazer is approached by its director, John Accomando, to work on a new project. He wants to mount a multi-function body on an extended cab/chassis. The result: the first Frazer Urban Command Vehicle.

Movin’ Up
Frazer Facility

A piece of land becomes available, giving Frazer, Inc. a much needed chance for expansion. Noting a continuing increase in sales activity and interest both in-state and around the country, Frazer decides to build a new production facility. The building has an immediate impact across all phases of production.

Movin’ Out

An ad in an EMS publication piques the interest of Dale Stidham, a volunteer with the Big Stone Gap Rescue Squad. His inquiry leads to a road trip to Southwest Virginia for John Griffin, Jr. to demo the generator-powered module. Thoroughly impressed, the squad would later take delivery of the first two units to be found “On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.” Frazer is now a national phenomenon.

QVM Certified
QVM Certified

Frazer applies for Ford’s QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) program. QVM certification requires such criteria as engineering and manufacturing processes that meet Ford’s quality control guidelines. Frazer clears the QVM requirements and gains certification.

It’s a Big Big World
Bellaire Fire Department

Bellaire firefighter Chuck Lysack adds to the growing list of customer-based innovations with a custom designed laryngoscope pouch for conveniently organizing handles and blades below the action wall.

It’s a Big Big World

The City of Bellaire Fire Department orders Frazer’s first 14-foot generator-powered EMS module. The big red machine is mounted on a Chevrolet C3500 HD chassis and features a kneeling air suspension.

Houston Police Department Bomb Squad
Houston Bomb Squad

The Houston Police Department puts in a bid for a fully-customized bomb squad unit. Business is booming.

Houston Police Department SWAT
Houston Police Department SWAT

Frazer continues to forge a strong relationship with the City of Houston by building a SWAT unit for the Houston Police Department.

Northward Ho!

EMS-043 belongs to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport Department of Public Safety. The generator-powered concept takes a big step forward into a region outside of Greater Houston. The exposure at one of America’s busiest airports with an outstanding fleet maintenance department proves invaluable.

Real Production Begins
1985 houston fire department

What started out as four or five vehicles quickly turns into an order for 30 Frazer EMS modules. This marks the beginning of a robust relationship with the Houston Fire Department. Over the next two decades, HFD would go on to convert its fleet to 100-plus generator-powered units.

Real Production Begins
1985 hfd ems

The Kingwood Area EMS service, headed by Mike Legoudes, places an order for what would be Frazer job number EMS-001. Meanwhile, after two years of running the original prototype unit, the Houston Fire Department goes out for a bid on new emergency vehicles. Included in the bid is an option for purchase of a few generator-powered units.

What’s Good for the Goose
1982 hfd

The next day, heads of various Fire Department divisions arrive at the Frazer plant to begin work on a prototype. Frazer, Inc. is in the EMS business.

What’s Good for the Goose
1982 ems

Captain Ron Champagne notes that at least eight of the nation’s largest ambulance manufacturers have told him such a thing could not be done or would not work. Mr. Griffin tells Captain Champagne it is simply a matter of configuring the module to come up with the appropriate space.

What’s Good for the Goose
1982 HFD

Captain Ron Champagne of the Houston Fire Department meets with John Griffin, Sr. to discuss the recording cabs Frazer is already building, as well as their on-board generating capacity. Captain Champagne indicates he would like to incorporate the same type of design on his emergency vehicles.

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