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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an ambulance cost?
On average, most vehicles come in around $225,000.00 and feature a blend of useful module and chassis options. And while we can get as custom as you want, it’s possible to save $10,000.00 right off the bat if you stick to the options available on our Limited Edition unit.

Why haven't I heard of Frazer before?
Though the company has been around since 1956, we’ve only been building EMS vehicles since 1985. Back then our primary business was in the seismic exploration field so most of our growth in EMS was organic and most of our marketing was word of mouth.

What are the standard features of a Frazer EMS vehicle?
Many of our standard features actually started out as great ideas from our customers. We’ve decided to make these features come standard with all Frazer EMS vehicles. This allows us to provide all customers with the same level of quality and features we know they’ll love.

Where can I download Frazer product brochures?

All of our printed brochures and collateral materials are available as PDF downloads on our Print Downloads page.

Who runs Frazer EMS Vehicles in my area?
Please call us toll free at 888-372-9371. Or you can click here to see where are customers are located. We encourage you to contact them to find out more about our products and our legendary service.

Does Frazer build custom EMS vehicles?
Contrary to what other dealers might say, yes, Frazer does tons of customization with all sorts of unique design elements and customer specific features.

Does a Frazer air conditioner hold up in high temperatures?
Frazer set the standard for high quality air conditioning over 30 years ago when we introduced the generator powered EMS vehicle. Armed with sufficient power to run a completely independent A/C unit dedicated to cooling down the patient compartment, our product was a revelation in an industry used to what some of our customers called “drip air,” turn on the A/C then drip sweat on your patient.

How does Frazer service customers that are not in Texas?
Frazer has excellent relationships with service centers around the country. Click here to see a list of Authorized Service Centers. If you are more comfortable with a service center in your area, we can review their expertise and work directly with them. We can even have them come to the factory for training if necessary.

Why do I need a generator for my EMS vehicle?
Our customers find generator power on their EMS vehicle gives them a number of major advantages over traditional ambulance electrical systems.

Which power option is right for me, Onan or MEPS?
Frazer offers two different approaches to the generator solution on our EMS vehicles. One method uses an on-board Onan 5.5 kW generator located in its own compartment and the other solution utilizes an under hood, belt driven generator from Mobile Electric Power Solutions.

What's the Frazer sales process look like?
We know the sales cycle can be daunting for a prospective customer. We’ve worked hard to streamline the process so you get the most out of your Factory Direct experience when buying your next EMS vehicle.

What's the Frazer build process look like?
In the time leading up to the build process we will secure any long lead time items and work with your team to collect any items you might be providing for installation. When the actual work begins you will receive three sets of progress pictures. Of course you’re welcome to come see the action in progress if you want.

Click here to see how a Frazer is made!

What's covered under warranty?
Your new Frazer EMS vehicle will come with a lifetime module construction warranty. What does this mean for you? Basically, we’ve engineered and built our unit to withstand the rigors of running a 911 ambulance service. If, in the course of normal use, a weld on a door or compartment should crack, or a cabinet shelf should come loose, essentially any failure of the things we directly built or assembled, we’ll cover that for you. Obviously that would change in the case of a wreck of some other damage out of your control, but outside of that, we’re here to take care of your vehicle.

Does Frazer use cooperative purchasing entities like HGAC and BuyBoard?
Cooperative purchasing can be as simple as partnering with another municipality working on a competitive bid and buying your own vehicle with the same set of specs. Or, numerous government procurement services around the country allow for the same thing without the hassle or outcome uncertainty associated with the bid process.

Can Frazer help me with finding available grant money?
Many of our customers have had success going the grant route, but it definitely takes time and effort to make that happen. Give us a call at 888-832-9371 and ask for Herb Brady. Herb spent over 35 years in both Fire and EMS and has personal experience with the grant process. He’s an excellent resource and can help point you in the right direction.

Does Frazer offer financing options?
Frazer has typically seen equipment financing handled by either a bank local to the customer, or by one of numerous regional or national lenders, such as Leasing2 or Texas Capital, specializing in municipal fleet leasing or replacement programs.