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Careers – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare to apply for a job at Frazer?
Please read the job requirements and apply for the position if you believe you are able to perform the essential functions of the position. Every position has a list of job requirements we expect candidates to meet. Also, each position has a set of preferred requirements that would be beneficial but are not required to perform the job. Next prepare or update your resume to submit as part of your application.

Does Frazer have a Careers Mailing List I can join?
We encourage you to join our Careers Mailing List for updates on open positions and other opportunities here at Frazer.

What steps should I take to complete my application?
Please follow the instructions provided in the job listing. Click here to search for jobs. Choose the job you wish to apply for and click on the “APPLY FOR JOB” button on top of the job listing.

After completing the online application, respond to the survey linked at the bottom of the job description or to the same survey sent to your email. Please check your email spam for the survey link. Only complete applications which include a survey will be taken into consideration.

How do I know HR has received my application?
Once your application has been received, you will get an automatic email asking you to complete the survey. This email serves as your verification that we received your application. If you have already completed the Culture Index survey from the link on the Job Description, then you do not need to do anything else. If you have not yet completed the survey, please use the link in the email to complete it so that we can consider your application.
Can I save my application and finish it at a later time?
Yes, you can save your work and return to the site at a later time. Make sure to save your username and password for future use.
What if I forgot my username or password?
Click here to search for jobs. Click “APPLY FOR JOB” on the one you wish to apply for. This will bring you to a screen where you will be asked to enter your username and password. Click on “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions online to retrieve your information.
I am locked out of the system. What do I do now?
If you are locked out of the system, please email [email protected] and someone from Frazer’s recruiting team will delete your account so you can start over.
Why was my application not taken into consideration?

All completed applications are reviewed. Applications are no longer considered for one of the following reasons.

  • Application Incomplete: Please make sure you have completed the application process as outlined in the job listing and that we have both your Culture Index survey and your online application.
  • Applicant Not Qualified: Please make sure you meet the job requirements from the job listing and, if you believe you have met all the requirements, that your resume states your qualifications clearly so you are not overlooked in the process.
  • Better Qualified Applicants: There are other candidates who meet the required and preferred job requirements who may have stronger qualifications, and we are moving forward with their applications.
I received an email “Thank you for Your interest in Frazer.” What does this mean?
This means that we are moving on with other candidates at this time, but you are welcome to apply for other positions or the same position again in the future.
What is the survey I need to complete with my applications?
The survey we ask each candidate to complete is called a Culture Index survey.
Where can I find a link to complete the survey?
It is in application or job listing. You will also receive a link to complete the Culture Index survey via email. Please check your email and spam folders if you do not see it in your inbox. In case that you are not able to find the link in your email, application or job listing, please click HERE and complete your survey now. To be taken into consideration, you must complete both the application and the survey. The survey only needs to be completed once.
What happens if I don’t complete the survey?
We will reach out via email or phone requesting the survey to be completed. If after 5 business days the survey is not completed, your application will no longer be considered and you will receive an email stating that we are moving on with other candidates.
What are the next steps after a phone interview?
Your answers will be provided to the hiring manager and if there is a fit, we will contact you via phone to schedule an in-person interview. Otherwise, we will communicate with you via email and let you know that we may be moving on with other candidates.
What is the next step if I am chosen for an in person interview?
The next step after a phone interview is the in-person interview (if you are selected for one) that is usually an onsite visit. We will communicate the details of the interview process to you once you are selected for the interview. Frazer’s onsite interview is a two part process. The first part of every interview consists of a math and computer test and the second part is the interview itself.
What is on the math and computer tests?
Frazer’s math and computer tests measure very basic math and computer use skills. The math test is a basic, fifth grade level math knowledge test, and it consists of multiplication, addition, fractions, tape measure, and other basic word problems without using a calculator. The computer test is also a very basic test measuring knowledge of computer functions such as clicking on links, copying, pasting, browsing, etc. Candidates have one hour to complete both tests prior to the interview.
What if I do poorly on the math test? Will that immediately disqualify me from a job at Frazer?
You will not be automatically disqualified if you miss some of the math questions. Each response will be viewed in relation to the job requirements. For example, candidates applying for welding, electrical, or similar labor intensive jobs where tape measure use is frequent will need to be well versed in its use.
How long does an interview at Frazer last?
Interviews at Frazer are typically no more than two hours long. The first hour is for you to complete the math and computer tests (if you need that long) and the second hour is reserved for the interview.
What are your COVID-19 procedures during interviews?
The health and safety of our employees, visitors, and customers is our first priority. The following procedures have been put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19 at Frazer interviews:

  • A member of the Safety, HR, or Reception team will check your temperature and ask you a series of questions about any COVID-19 related symptoms during the last 48 hours (fever, shortness of breath or cough) as established by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Please note that if you have fever (100F or more) or any COVID-19 related symptoms, you will not be able to proceed with the Interview that day; we will reschedule it for a later time. It is MANDATORY that all Frazer visitors including job applicants wear face covering / masks while at Frazer including when arriving at the Frazer property (employee parking lot). Please make sure your mask is worn properly, covering your nose and mouth.
  • Additionally, while Frazer’s interviews will be conducted on site, candidates are provided equipment and will meet virtually with our interviewers to ensure social distancing.
I believe I met all the qualifications and my application was still denied. Why?
If you have followed all the application procedures as instructed, you still may not be considered for a position if there are other great candidates that meet the job requirements and preferred qualifications. Sometimes, the quality of competition and number of resumes we receive can impact whether or not your application is taken into consideration.
How long will it take for me to get a response back from you after an in-person interview?
You will usually hear back from us within 24 hours.
Can I re-apply for a position with Frazer?
Yes, you are welcome to apply for any position at Frazer at any time.
What if I have something in my background? Would that disqualify me from employment with Frazer?
To make sure our employees work in a safe environment, we perform thorough background checks during the hiring process for all candidates. Convictions will not disqualify you from employment at Frazer, but failure to tell us about it up front will.
I use recreational drugs like marijuana. Can I still apply for employment at Frazer?
Frazer has a zero tolerance drug use policy and you must pass an observed pre-employment drug screen, including marijuana, certain CBD oils and other drugs that could show up as a positive drug testing result. If you can’t pass it, we’re not the place for you.
What if I was offered a position and tested positive on a drug test? Can I re-apply for employment at Frazer?
Any applicant with a positive test result will be denied employment at that time but may initiate another inquiry with the company after six months with satisfactory documentation of a substance abuse treatment program completed. The cost of the second post-offer screening will be the responsibility of the applicant.