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What is Frazer’s ‘Limited Edition’? And why you should care.

The Limited Edition is money saved.

Since Frazer’s founding in 1956, we have upheld our core principles of building equipment that’s reliable, build it at a competitive price, and back all that up with service that you’d write home about. Frazer’s ‘Limited Edition’ underscores all three of these attributes. The Limited Edition option is a build out of our most popular options and choices, designed to save time and money while maintaining Frazer’s uncompromising commitment to quality, and the lowest overall cost of ownership in the industry.

   In short, the Limited Edition is money saved. If your agency can spec a complete vehicle using the hundreds of options we currently have in our product configurator, without requesting any custom engineered feature, we will discount the base module price of our EMS vehicles by $10,000!

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It’s no secret that underfunding in Fire/EMS is an ongoing challenge for every agency model.  Reductions in reimbursement for services, coupled with a need to contain local tax revenue, all while facing the pressure to “do more with less,” impacts us all.  For 62 years Frazer has listened to our customer’s challenges, and we see ourselves as partners in meeting those challenges. Author Simon Sinek said, “there is nothing efficient about innovation.”  That is a true statement, but efficiency can be born out of innovation, and that is exactly why the Limited Edition was created.

Like every unit we produce, the Limited Edition is handcrafted and custom built.  It is not correlated with a limited production run or some exclusive feature available only on this model, as many could quickly conclude. With the development and roll-out of our new product configurator and quoting tool in mid-2017, we realized the top 10% of the 10,000+ options in our previous quoting system were used 85%+ of the time. We incorporated those most-used options into the new quoting tool and – voila! – we now have a database of features that are used the overwhelming majority of the time. If you’ve ever been to a car/truck dealership and played with their fancy software that lets you envision your next vehicle, then you’ve used a product configurator.

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For anyone still feeling a custom vehicle is a better fit for their agency, let’s do it! Frazer will absolutely build a custom vehicle for your department; it’s in our DNA. But before we venture down the expensive and time consuming process of custom engineering, we will ask several why questions to learn your expectations. Together, we will determine if Limited Edition may be a fit for you.

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