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Dramatically reduces exposure risks for healthcare professionals and patients.


Specialized EMS vehicles equipped to help prevent sickness before it starts by killing germs and limit exposure.

100% all-aluminum construction provides a strong and safe environment for medics. Non-porous surfaces on cabinets, walls, and doors allows for easy decontamination.

Spacious interiors featuring negative air pressure and multiple disinfection systems help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Custom Type I Emergency Vehicle Builder for EMS

Infectious Disease Unit Standard Features

The Frazer Infectious Disease Unit is the perfect solution for any service looking for extra levels of safety and protection for their crew members.

Built on our popular Type I platform, you receive the very best in Frazer engineering. Spacious Interiors, Rugged Construction and Loads of POWER! The module interior is designed with similar precautions to that of a hospital room. Nonporous surfaces are used to allow for an easier decontamination process. Multiple options for Ultraviolet Decontamination and a 120V air conditioning system that also includes UV-C Disinfection.

  • 12 ft & 14 ft Options
  • UV-C Air Purifier
  • Ceiling Mounted UV-C Surface Disinfection System
  • Techni-Shield Defender
  • Antimicrobial Grab Bars
  • Patient compartment features negative air pressure environment.
  • Isolated patient compartment, utilizing a sealed sliding passthrough window.
  • Seamless Seat Cushions & Captain's Chair
  • Non-porous Cabinets, Walls & Doors

Optional Equipment

Custom designed to help slow the spread of viruses in your communities, the Frazer Infectious Disease Unit gives new levels of protection to your patients and healthcare professionals. Additional equipment options are available to increase the effectiveness of your fight against infectious disease.

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