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Type III EMS - Emergency Medical Service Vehicles

Nothing Beats a Frazer

The Frazer Type III Generator-Powered EMS module features a Cutaway style chassis. The cutaway chassis features lower frame rails thereby lowering the floor height. This makes it easier to load cots and eliminates the need for the lowering feature of an air suspension. The Type III chassis provides a smooth ride and a short turning radius.

Cutaway Chassis
Cutaway Chassis
Massive Storage
Massive Storage

Though the chassis is different, The Frazer Type III Generator-Powered Module is functionally identical to our Type I Generator-Powered Module. A 3” recess behind the driver and passenger seats of the cutaway chassis provides greater comfort in the cab. Our rugged all-aluminum construction provides an exceptionally safe and strong environment for your medics. Frazer modules are designed from the ground up to maximize available space, providing an environment that is not only efficient, but is also comfortable and a pleasure to work in.

Conveniency and Efficiency

Just like the Type I, the Type III interior is designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. Crew members have everything they need within arms reach plus ample space for patient care.


Vacuum Formed Cushions
Vacuum Formed Cushions
Single or Double CPR Seat
Single or Double CPR Seat
54" x 20" Action Area Countertop
54″ x 20″ Action Area Countertop
Up to 71.5" Headroom
Up to 71.5″ Headroom
49.75" Aisle Width
49.75″ Aisle Width

12ft TypeIII EMS12 ft. Module

The Type III 12 ft. module is perfect for most EMS services that prefer a cutaway style chassis. The thoughtfully designed interior allows freedom of movement to care for your patients, abundant storage for all your equipment needs and plenty of room for your crew members.

14ft Type III EMS14 ft. Module

The Type III 14ft module is the perfect solution for services that need extra space. The larger module interior accommodates larger equipment like bariatric cots and isolettes. It also allows medics at incidents requiring more crew members to easily move around without limiting their interaction with patients. Extra exterior storage capacity allows for items like rescue gear, turnout-gear, extra backboards and any additional equipment your service requires.

Standard Interior Features
Standard Exterior Features
Standard Emergency Lighting Features
Standard Generator & Electrical Features
Standard Chassis Features
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