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Type I EMS - Emergency Medical Service Vehicles

Nothing Beats a Frazer

Frazer Type I EMSThe Type I is the most popular product in our line of Generator-Powered EMS Modules. Our rugged all-aluminum construction provides an exceptionally safe and strong environment for your medics. Frazer modules are designed from the ground up to maximize available space, providing an environment that is not only efficient, but is also comfortable and a pleasure to work in.


30 Amp Shore Power
30 Amp Shore Power
ALS Compartment
ALS Compartment
Backboard Storage
Backboard Storage
Automotive Latches
Automotive Style Latches

Spacious Interiors

The Type I interior is designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. Crew members have everything they need within arms reach plus ample space for patient care.

Frazer Type I Headroom
Up to 71.5″ Headroom
Frazer Type I Aisle Width
49.75″ Aisle Width

Rugged Exteriors

The exterior of a Type I Module have been constructed with an Ultra Strong base frame with 3” x .188” channel and tubing Welded, dual structural aluminum tubes on all sides and top for maximum strength.

Type I EMS 12ft 12 ft. Module

The Type I 12 ft. module is perfect for most EMS services. The thoughtfully designed interior allows freedom of movement to care for your patients, abundant storage for all your equipment needs and plenty of room for your crew members.

Type I EMS 14ft14 ft. Module

The Type I 14ft module is the perfect solution for services that need extra space. The larger module interior accommodates larger equipment like bariatric cots and isolettes. It also allows medics at incidents requiring more crew members to easily move around without limiting their interaction with patients. Extra exterior storage capacity allows for items like rescue gear, turnout-gear, extra backboards and any additional equipment your service requires.

Standard Interior Features
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
Headroom 67.5” Headroom (71.5” available as option depending on chassis) 71.5” Headroom
Width 92.5” Interior width
Aisle Width 49.75” Aisle width
Cabinets All-aluminum, powder coated, 12” deep cabinets are extremely durable and provide extra safety for head travel and working space
Cabinet Doors Scratch-resistant/shatter-proof polycarbonate cabinet doors with restock feature
Cushions Seamless, vacuum formed cushions attached with heavy duty magnets
Captain’s Chair Captain’s chair mounted on 360˚ swivel base
Counter Tops Powder coated aluminum counter tops
Stainless Steel Trim free, stainless steel on squad bench, on vertical surfaces below the action wall, and in corner area below shelf on driver’s side
CPR Seat Single CPR seat Double CPR seat
CPR Seat Storage Storage compartment under CPR seat
Front Wall O2 Bottle Oxygen bottle mounted horizontally across the front wall
Fire Extinguisher 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher
Flooring 100% vinyl Lonseal flooring
Action Wall Power Outlets Quad 120VAC electrical outlet at action wall
Additional Power Outlets Duplex 120VAC electrical outlets in ALS compartment and on front wall
Action Wall Counter Top 54” x 20” action area countertop with hinged access panel to back of oxygen outlets and switches
Stainless Steel Stainless steel overhead grab rail, door handles, and interior grab handles
Air Conditioner 120VAC air conditioner/heater with digital thermostat, and dual air outlets, meets 2010 EPA requirements
Wall Surfaces FRP (fibre-reinforced polymer) interior wall surfaces, taped for additional insulation
Electrical Raceways Center, transverse and perimeter electrical raceways for total access
Suction Unit SSCOR onboard vacuum system – including stainless steel regulator and canister holder.
Oxygen Outlets Three oxygen outlets placed per your requirements
Cot Mounting Center cot mount location with stainless steel cot plates at all wheel locations
Safety Walk Non-skid safety walk at module entrance doors
Supply Organizers Supply organizers fore and aft of CPR seat
Insulation Injected ‘green’ urethane insulation layered over sound insulating material made from recycled tires
Step Well Insulated step well
Wood Free Completely wood free module construction
Lighting Eight LED interior lights Ten LED interior lights
Standard Exterior Features
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
Dimensions 144” x 96” 168” x 96”
Base Frame Ultra strong base frame with 3” x .188” channel and tubing. Welded, dual structural aluminum tubes on all sides and top for maximum strength
Chassis Mounting 3/8” x 4” x 10” steel shear plate mounting per chassis manufacturer’s instructions
Compartment Latches Stainless steel slam latches at all entry and compartment doors
Oxygen Storage Horizontal storage for “H” or “M” oxygen cylinder
Compartments External compartments for electrical, air conditioner, and generator
Coaxial Cables Four RG58U coax cables
Storage Backboard/scoop storage at module rear below squad bench
ALS Compartment ALS compartment with exterior and interior access
Windows Tinted, double-pane, insulated, sliding windows
Wheel Wells Diamond plate aluminum wheel wells, kick plates and stone guards
Rear Bumper Rear bumper in three sections including folding center section
Removable Panels Removable panels and latches on entry and compartment doors
Rear Storage Driver’s side rear storage large enough for SCBAs and bunker gear
Sound Dampening Sound dampening material in all walls,doors, and ceiling
Load Tested Static load tested at 12 times module weight on top and side
Paint Single stage urethane paint
Standard Emergency Lighting Features
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
Module Front Five 6” x 4” LEDs with chrome bezels mounted across the front of the module in your choice of colors
Module Corners Eight red 6” x 4” LEDs in all corners with chrome bezels
Wheel Wells One 6” x 4” LED with chrome trim bezel mounted above each wheel well in your choice of color
Rear Load Two Halogen rear load lights
Module Rear Three 6” x 4” LEDs with chrome bezels mounted on the rear of the module in your choice of colors
Brake/Tail/Turn Two upper red 6” x 4” brake/tail/turn LEDs
Intersection & Grill Four 4” x 3” intersection and grille LEDs in your choice of colors
Rear Bumper Two lower 4” round brake/tail/turn and two 4” round backup LEDs at the rear bumper
Marker Four red and four amber marker LEDs at the upper corners of module
Scene Lights Two 250 watt quartz halogen 120VAC side scene lights.
Standard Generator & Electrical Features
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
On-board Generator 120 VAC generator for full, independent power to the patient module (option of a MEPS under-hood or Cummins Onan generator)
Power Supply 100 amp, 120VAC to 12VDC regulated, continuous duty, power supply in concert with the 120VAC generator, provides module 12VDC power without drawing from the chassis alternator/battery system
Fail-Safe Fully automatic fail-safe system provides 12VDC power to the patient module in case of generator interruption without medic involvement
Diagnostics Diagnostic LEDs located at the 12VDC electrical panel
Shore Power 30 amp shore power receptacle allows running air conditioner/heater in the station off shore power
Battery & Ignition Studs Battery, ignition, and fail-safe studs in electrical compartment
Center Console Battery, ignition, and ground studs in powder coated aluminum center console
Battery Charger 30 amp battery charger off shore power to handle parasitic loads
Standard Chassis Features
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
Available Chassis Chevrolet Chassis Ford Chassis Dodge Chassis Dodge Chassis International Chassis Freight Liner Chassis Ford Chassis
Fuel Diesel or Gasoline (on applicable chassis)
Rear Wheels Dual rear wheels
Transmission Automatic transmission
Trim Premium trim level
Powered Features Power windows, door locks, seats, and mirrors (if available from chassis manufacturer)
Brake & Accelerator Power adjustable brake and accelerator pedals (if available from chassis manufacturer)
Battery & Alternator Factory alternator and batteries
Center Console Powder coated, six position aluminum center console with integrated switch panel and adjustable radio mounting panels
Siren 200 watt siren with two 100 watt speakers
Heat Shielding Heat shielding to protect module from diesel exhaust regeneration
Rear Window Sliding rear window
Grille Guard Black steel grille guard (on applicable chassis)
Intersection & Grille LEDs Four 4” x 3” intersection and grille LEDs in your choice of colors
Air Suspension Optional Standard
Payload 2,500 pound plus payload (depending on chassis and module configuration)
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