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Our Commitment to Safety

Frazer SafetyHere at Frazer we are absolutely committed to safety. We strive not only to improve our safety and our environment every day, but also challenge ourselves to work new angles of safety into every aspect of what we do. We don’t just want to build the safest, most reliable EMS vehicles on the market, we want to do it in the safest way possible.

Bringing Safety in the Workplace to New Levels

Our focus on safety and our dogged determination to raise that bar every day adds value across the enterprise. A broadened culture of safety awareness keeps our people engaged in building a safe company and opens their minds to potential developments in improving a safe product.

Employee Involvement

Employee involvement and communication is the key to Frazer’s company-wide commitment to safety. Making sure everyone at Frazer is involved in safety is priority one. To make this goal a reality, we take a multi-faceted approach.

Our Safety Committee is a select group of safety minded individuals here at Frazer tasked with creating new safety programs, maximizing communication between departments, discussing safety issues and concerns, and creating solutions. The Safety Committee is led by the Safety Coordinator.

Individual departments bring new methods and ideas to the table, evolving our company-wide commitment to safety. Department managers at Frazer show their support every week with “toolbox meetings” where they discuss ways to strengthen hazard awareness and streamline hazard prevention.

Our monthly, company-wide safety meeting is an opportunity to gather and discuss safety related topics and solutions. We distribute our monthly safety newsletter, “The Safety Net” at the Safety Meetings. These meetings are invaluable to the progression of Frazer’s level of safety awareness. It is something we all look forward to at the end of the month.

Hazard Identification

The key to Hazard prevention is hazard awareness. We are constantly training ourselves and our employees to spot hazards around the workplace. The quicker you can spot a hazard, the sooner it can be controlled, preventing the same hazard from occurring again. This is crucial to the safety environment here at Frazer and has led to numerous improvements throughout the facility.

Frazer is constantly developing ways to increase employee involvement. The “Badge Incentive” program was created to reward employees for spotting hazards. Certain “levels” are achieved based on how many hazards are reported through a streamlined reporting system that was also developed by Frazer. These “levels” serve as incentives and a sort of “bragging right” to an employee’s commitment to increasing the safety of themselves and their fellow employees. Employees are challenged to raise their involvement and increase their awareness, leading to the elimination of these hazards.

Prevention & Control

Arguably the most important aspect of Frazer’s commitment to Safety is Hazard Prevention. Frazer has many programs to eliminate hazards around the workplace. Each department follows a strategic procedure for controlling hazards and minimizing risks. Hazard Prevention at Frazer consists of the following:

  • Regularly and thoroughly maintaining equipment.
  • Ensuring that hazard correction procedures are in place.
  • Ensuring that everyone knows how to use and maintain personal protective equipment.
  • Making sure that everyone understands and follows safe work procedures.
  • Ensuring that, when needed, there are medical programs available to help deal with workplace hazards and exposures.

Education & Training

Tying all of Frazer’s Safety standards together is the education and training of our employees. Continued improvement in safety comes with continued improvement in training and education including, but not limited to:

  • Keeping employees up to date with current safety standards and requirements.
  • Distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to employees.
  • Training employees on proper usage of PPE.
  • Training employees on current safety procedures.
  • Training employees on the proper Evacuation procedures.
  • Fire safety training and education.
  • Ongoing OSHA training and education.
  • Attending regional and national safety conventions.

The OSHA Challenge

Frazer is proud to have been accepted into the OSHA Challenge Program. We are currently working towards acceptance into the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). A company that holds VPP status is highly regarded as having an elite status of safety and has made the commitment to having the safest workplace possible and is up for the challenge to partner with OHSA to show their commitment. VPP is a three phase program and usually takes up to two years to meet OHSA’s requirements to be certified as a VPP worksite. Frazer’s goal is to achieve VPP status, therefore we are continually working with OSHA to solidify a position as one of the “Safety Elite” and achieve VPP status.

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