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By: Frazer on August 21, 2019

Ambulance Buyer’s Top FAQs – Part 1

Factory Direct

Thank you so much for your interest in Frazer EMS Vehicles! If you’re here you’re likely a prospective ambulance buyer and that probably means you saw us at a trade show or perhaps on a social media post; maybe one of your neighboring communities has one of our vehicles; or it’s possible you found us with a good old fashioned web search. However it happened, welcome! We’re glad you stopped by.

Like any potential customer you have lots of questions. Since this may be the first time you’ve ever heard of us, we’ve compiled a list of the most common things we hear asked by ambulance buyers or their committees. Hopefully these will give you a better sense of our company and our products. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please feel free to call one of our sales team at 888-372-9371. Or, if you prefer, fill out a request for our handy Buyer’s Guide.

How Much Does an Ambulance Cost?

Ambulance Cost

Like most complex, big-ticket items the short answer is, it depends. Frazer EMS vehicles start around $145,000.00. However, we have customers at the other end of the spectrum who have requested major customization or added numerous high-dollar options and loose items to the point where we’ve seen prices as high as $375,000.00. 

On average, most vehicles come in around $225,000.00 and feature a blend of useful module and chassis options. And while we can get as custom as you want, it’s possible to save $10,000.00 right off the bat if you stick to the options available on our Limited Edition unit. It offers an extensive array of available configurations and contains our most commonly requested optional features. Around 35% of our customers use this when configuring their vehicles. 

A Frazer sales professional can walk you through the process using our Configuration tool to give you exact pricing based on your needs. If you’re not quite ready for that level of commitment, click here for more info.

Why Haven’t I Heard of You?

custom ambulance

We get this question a lot and frankly there are numerous reasons you might not know who we are. Though the company has been around since 1956, we’ve only been building EMS vehicles since 1985. Back then our primary business was in the seismic exploration field so most of our growth in EMS was organic and most of our marketing was word of mouth.

Our generator powered concept was unique in the EMS industry and we didn’t have a large sales staff to promote the concept. We accepted this was a niche product and might not be the sort of thing that would catch on in a widespread fashion. But we also heard horror stories from our customers about experiences with dealers. We committed early on to maintaining a Factory Direct sales model that allowed prospective and existing customers to have a much bigger voice in the direction our product took. 

As our market share grew we increased our sales team, but we also made the decision to spend our advertising and marketing dollars cultivating direct relationships with EMS agencies. This meant we rarely advertised in the national trade publications and didn’t show up at every convention. 

All of this is to say we’ve been around for many years in the EMS industry but our approach over time has not left us as a household name. Thanks to the internet and social media, and coupled with a larger sales team and marketing budget, we’re able to grow awareness while still keeping the personal interaction we’re known for. 

Ultimately, our customers are our best sales force and we highly encourage you to reach out to as many of them as you want. We’re glad you found out about us. Let them give you the rest of the story.

Who Runs your EMS Vehicle In My Area?

As a prospective ambulance buyer you’re probably curious to know who else might have a vehicle you’re interested in. Frazer provides EMS vehicles to services around the country. While Texas is our predominant market (we build for over half of the 911 agencies in the state), we have customers in 32 states throughout the US. 

We’ve built our customer base largely through word of mouth, and, as we offer a Factory Direct buying experience, we don’t have a large dealer network. But we’re hard at work getting the word out via trade shows, social media, and our website.  

custom ambulance

Please call us toll free at 888-372-9371. Or you can click here to see where are customers are located. We encourage you to contact them to find out more about our products and our legendary service.

Do You Customize?

Contrary to what other dealers might say, yes, Frazer does tons of customization with all sorts of unique design elements and customer specific features. But in reality, the majority of ambulance buyers have neither the budget nor the time nor the specific need to justify getting too crazy with custom options.

EMS Builders

Also, we have an extensive list of tried and true options that takes care of most scenarios our customers can imagine. Our Limited Edition allows buyers to save $10,000.00 off the base price of their EMS vehicle. Most, if not all, of those options started out as someone else’s excellent idea for improving the product. Our goal is to build you a vehicle that meets all your needs without you incurring unnecessary costs.

Ultimately though, you know what you need and we get that. Fortunately, someone else may have already had that need and likely asked us to engineer a solution. But we also know there are plenty of good ideas lurking around out there. If you have one for us to design, we’re ready, willing, and able to do so.

Does Your A/C Hold Up to High Temperatures?

Frazer set the standard for high quality air conditioning over 30 years ago when we introduced the generator powered EMS vehicle. Armed with sufficient power to run a completely independent A/C unit dedicated to cooling down the patient compartment, our product was a revelation in an industry used to what some of our customers called “drip air,” turn on the A/C then drip sweat on your patient. A 34 degree differential from outside air temperature is what we provide and what you should expect from your vehicle.

Being in Houston puts us squarely in the middle of some of the most brutal summer heat in the country so we’ve had plenty of opportunity to prove the concept over a very long time. We assumed long ago every manufacturer would want to provide the same level of comfort for their customers, but it’s only been in the last handful of years that other builders have started offering a variation on the theme. 

Given that most of Texas experiences extreme summer heat, it’s not surprising we have such a huge fan base here. That first blast of cold air from the back of the module is all most people need to feel. Once a prospective ambulance buyer knows what powerful A/C feels like, it’s tough to consider anything else.

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