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Our History

Frazer History

What’s Good for the Goose
1982-Houston Fire Department

Suffering through another of the oil industry’s cyclical downturns, Frazer, Inc. president John Griffin, Sr. decides to explore the possibility of building emergency vehicles after seeing one while stopped at an intersection.

The Foundation

The development of a regulated, switching power supply allows utilization of separate on-board generators to run AC-powered equipment. This technological breakthrough lays the foundation for major performance upgrades in data collection. Now trucks can be stocked with computer equipment, air conditioners, and pressurization units.

On the Move

Earlier in the 60s, the seismic industry adds marine exploration and Frazer, Inc. branches out. Outgrowing the capacity of the now 5,000 sq. ft. Alief building, Mr. Frazer purchases land in a developing industrial enclave in Southwest Houston. He finances construction of the original 7219 Rampart facility by selling a portion of the remaining land.

1956 The Early Years
1956 Early Years

Frazer spends the early years fabricating steel equipment for seismic exploration. “Doodlebuggers” (as the operators of land-based recording cabs were known) beat a path to his door. Business is good and the Frazer reputation for outstanding service and quality is born.

Frazer Opens For Business

On May 5, 1956 Charles Frazer, seeing opportunity in the booming postwar economy, decides to strike out on his own. After a few years moonlighting in his garage and in partnership with a neighbor, he opens a 2,500 sq. ft. facility in the Old Alief section of Southwest Houston. Frazer, Inc. is now in business.

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