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By: Frazer on July 14, 2021

All Frazer Vehicles to Include HAAS Safety Alert


All new and remounted EMS vehicles built after August 2021 will include three years of Safety Cloud® R2V

Frazer, Ltd., the leading builder of generator-powered custom EMS vehicles, will include three years of HAAS Alert’s Responder-to-Vehicle (R2V) digital alerting service. This feature will come as a standard, zero-cost safety solution on all new and remounted vehicles. HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud platform provides motorists with real-time alerts when approaching an equipped Frazer EMS vehicle with its emergency lights activated. In addition, Frazer will make Safety Cloud’s Responder-to-Responder (R2R) collision prevention service available as an add-on safety solution to customers. Both of the R2V and R2R solutions can be retrofitted on existing EMS vehicles as desired.

Safety Cloud’s R2V alerts are delivered to motorists through in-vehicle systems and navigation applications. The alerts give drivers clear advance warning and more time to safely slow down and move over. Safety Cloud has delivered 1 billion digital alerts through the popular navigation app Waze, with more partners on the way. Safety Cloud’s R2R alerts are received by emergency vehicles in the immediate proximity of other responding emergency vehicles connected to Safety Cloud. These alerts reduce the risk of crashes by up to 90% by providing critical advance warnings to drivers.

Adam Fischer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Frazer, said that integrating Safety Cloud as a standard feature demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the safety of our customers.

“For years Frazer has taken pride in designing, engineering and building our vehicles to provide medics and their patients with an ergonomic environment that will keep them safe in the event of a collision. It’s now time we make the investment in new technologies to prevent those very collisions. Adding Safety Cloud as an additional layer of protection will keep vehicles in service longer and, most importantly, increase the safety of the medical professionals and patients inside our vehicles.”

Adam Fischer – VP of Sales & Marketing

Jeremy Agulnek, HAAS Alert’s Senior Vice President of Connected Vehicle, praised Frazer’s commitment to innovation and leadership in safety. “Frazer’s decision to make digital alerting a standard feature on its EMS vehicles for three years is going to impact communities nationwide. Digital alerting saves lives, and Frazer understands the risk that EMS professionals face on every run. This is an investment in safety for responders, roads, and everyone that relies on them.”

To learn more about Safety Cloud on your Frazer EMS vehicle(s), contact your Frazer sales representative or [email protected].

About Frazer

We listen to our customers and hear their challenges. Then, we utilize our 65 years of experience to solve the challenges in the ever-evolving landscape of pre-hospital care. We specialize in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) vehicles suitable for licensing and use as Ambulances, First Responder Vehicles, Mobile Clinics, and Mobile Stroke Units. Our company provides world-class after-sale service, the lowest overall cost of ownership, the best HVAC system, the best power options, and now proudly offers HAAS Alert’s Digital Alerting Safety Service standard on every new or remounted unit! For more information, visit www.frazerbilt.com.

About HAAS Alert

HAAS Alert’s mission is to build lifesaving mobility solutions to make vehicles and roads safer and smarter. Our vision is a connected, collision-free world where everyone gets home safely. HAAS Alert makes roads and communities safer by delivering digital alerts from emergency response and other municipal fleets to nearby drivers. The company streams real-time alerts and other vital safety information to motorists and connected cars via in-vehicle and navigation systems when emergency vehicles are approaching and on-scene. For more information, visit www.haasalert.com.

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