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By: Frazer on June 6, 2022

UPDATE – Chassis Ordering for EMS Vehicles

Factory Direct

In a world where the phrase ‘Supply Chain Issues’ is commonplace, supply and demand are ever-changing. Preparation ahead of time is paramount.

Laura shares some tips and information to help you navigate the chaotic new world we live in for ordering chassis.

Here are additional details on when chassis order banks are estimated to open. These order banks are expected to close on the same day. Remember, these dates are tentative and we will keep you updated as we learn more.

Chassis TypeEstimated Order Deadline
2023 Chevy 3500 HDOrdering Complete*
2023 RAMTBD (July 2022)
2023 Chevy Cutaway6/16/2022
2023 Chevy 4500/5500/6500 MD7/31/2022
2023 Ford F Series10/17/2022
2024 Ford E Series CutawaysUnknown
* Please call for additional information.

We hope this information is helpful as you plan for your department’s vehicle & equipment needs. If you are anticipating a purchase in the future, it is imperative for you to get your letters of intent or purchase orders in quickly for your best chance at reserving a chassis for your build.

Please reach out to your Regional Sales Manager if you have any questions or call us direct at (888) 372-9371.

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