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Municipal EMS Managers

Frazer 12ft DemoFrazer offers you:

  • Lower cost of ownership, through greater maintenance efficiencies.
  • Smaller fleet requirements, as quicker service turnaround times reduces your reserve needs.
  • Factory direct relationship, eliminating dealer frustrations.

The Challenge

As leader of your department, you contend with many headaches. You can do without vehicles being out of service due to mechanical or electrical issues. When failures occur, you need someone to help get your trucks back in service quickly. Under the dealer model, it’s difficult to get answers about keeping your vehicles on the road – and even more tricky to assign accountability for underperforming assets.

If our product doesn’t exceed your expectation, we’re one phone call away. With no middleman, you’ll speak directly to the person who can fix the problem – quickly and to your satisfaction.

The Solution

Frazer cuts out the middleman. Our sales team will help identify your requirements, ensuring we meet your needs as cost effectively as possible. We’ll take it from there – though you can collaborate directly with our executives, engineers and service departments. We’ll get you what’s best for your needs, quickly and affordably.
Our legendary reliability and durability will keep you on the road longer, actively serving your community. The industry standard is for 33% of a fleet to be in reserve, at any given time. Our municipal customers report that for Frazer fleets, the average is 26% or better.


Service CenterService Centers

You can buy replacement parts at your local auto shop and/or use our service centers to reduce unit downtime.

Frazer EMS Vehicle DifferentiatorsCase Study

A large fire department in central Texas grew weary of regular squabbles between their ambu- lance manufacturer and the selling dealer. To make matters worse, they regularly received units that failed to meet specifications, sometimes finding variances within a single batch.

When this department evaluated Frazer as a vendor, their apparatus committee gained immediate access to all levels of Frazer staff. Our factory direct experience quickly allowed their questions to be answered, and expectations set. From management to installers, everyone at Frazer understood what was needed on every unit. Frazer then delivered on that – the same way, every time. If issues arose, the customer knew exactly who they could call for immediate support.

This partnership allowed Frazer to truly grasp the needs of their department. We have since supplied them with a uniform fleet of over 60 ambulances, providing industry leading care facilities while keeping medics safe and mechanics happy!

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