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Spacious interiorOur safe, comfortable, well-lit modules are designed from the ground up to give you a space where you can focus on what matters most, your patient.

The Challenge

As a medic, your ambulance is your office. The last thing you should be worried about is the safety and comfort of that space. We know very well the functional limitations many of our competitors build into their vehicles. The cramped, poorly-lit, hot environment they provide simply adds to the stress you’re already under as you care for the life of another human being.
You shouldn’t have to worry about your ambulance. It should help you improve your ability to provide care. And you shouldn’t have to pay extra for safety and comfort.

The Solution

Frazer designs with you, the Medic, in mind. Our customers tell us their challenges. We go to work engineering solutions.

Our spacious interior allows six medics to comfortably work on a patient at one time. Ultra-durable, all-aluminum cabinets are strategically positioned within the module to allow for easy access while seated and safe. Our air conditioning system, unsurpassed in the industry, does away with the days of “drip air” and keeps your office ice cold whether out in the field or back at the station. Expansive aisle width allows for patient coverage on all sides without being cramped and smashed. All LED interior dome lighting gives you extreme visibility, and, coupled with our bright white interior surfaces, makes our modules feel like the mobile ERs they’re meant to be. Along with our incredibly strong frame construction, designed to meet the most stringent safety requirements, these are ALL standard features.

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