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What you can expect from Frazer…

Frazer’s continued growth in the EMS industry exists largely because we solved the problem of poor electrical and HVAC systems performance over 30 years ago. From the very beginning we’ve known that a properly-sized, independent source of 120V Alternating Current (AC) power is the only reliable foundation for your ambulance module. Currently, it’s the only way to get the extraordinary performance we demand from our HVAC system. Plus all that extra power allows us to convert a substantial portion to 12 Volt DC power, allowing you to run all your equipment without an inverter, load-manager, load-sequencer, high-idler, extra batteries, or any other additional complexity to the electrical system.

Most Competitors…

Let’s face it, load managers, load sequencers, and high idlers are really just an admission that an ambulance doesn’t have enough power to continuously handle the job it was built to perform. Our competitors know this, yet insist on starting their process from this consistently flawed premise. The resulting myriad electrical problems should not be viewed as business-as-usual; they should be seen for what they are, the inevitable by-product of poor design. While LEDs may have helped reduce the draw of emergency and interior lighting, they haven’t stopped the march of progress. On-board computers and printers, powered cot systems, and other advances in patient care have consumed whatever power LEDs have saved and then some. And yet, as they have for the last 50 years, our competitors still insist on asking the 12 Volt Direct Current (DC) automotive electrical system to perform this task. Like automotive 12 Volt HVAC systems, these electrical systems were designed for something far less taxing and so are prone to failure.

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