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By: Frazer on July 8, 2024

Enhancing Healthcare for Children with Autism: Unveiling of a Sensory-Friendly Ambulance

Custom Build

The Golisano Children’s Hospital unveiled its certification as an Autism Center, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to providing exceptional care to all patients, regardless of their unique needs.

With this unveiling was also the announcement of their new sensory-friendly, autism-designated ambulance. Golisano Children’s Hospital came to us at Frazer due to our expertise in building custom emergency vehicles to bring a concept to life.

For many children, especially those on the autism spectrum, the loud sirens, glaring lights, and unfamiliar surroundings can be overwhelming, exacerbating their distress. Recognizing this need, we set out to design a vehicle that would cater to the unique sensory needs of the children.

From reduced noise levels to the soothing ambiance of the new “Niki Lights” which are fairy lights that turn on in the cloud-painted ceiling. Every element was carefully curated to create a calming environment, including adding dry-erase surfaces on the cabinets, and a color-changing vertical bubble machine to help with distraction. View pictures of the final product here.

One of the most significant advancements we added to the build was the implementation of hPower, a battery-operated power source that provides power for your electrical demands when the engine is off. We installed this power option because it’s significantly quieter than other power options so we can create a more tranquil environment that fosters a sense of safety and well-being.

As the sensory-friendly ambulance takes to the streets, Golisano Children’s Hospital leads the way. They ensure that every child, regardless of their unique needs, receives the care and compassion they deserve.

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