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Defining the Future of Mobile Healthcare™
By: Frazer on March 13, 2024

Revolutionizing Stroke Care: Frazer Bilt’s Mobile Stroke Unit with CT Scanner

Mobile Stroke Unit

In the realm of medical emergencies, every second counts, especially when it comes to strokes. Recognizing the critical need for swift intervention, Frazer Bilt took a groundbreaking step forward in 2014 by introducing the first Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) equipped with a CT scanner in the United States. This revolutionary development marked a significant leap in stroke care, allowing for rapid diagnosis and treatment right at the scene of the emergency.

As pioneers in the field, Frazer Bilt partnered with Houston Mobile Stroke Unit to unveil this game-changing innovation. This collaboration didn’t just set a new standard; it redefined it, demonstrating how technology can be mobilized to save lives when time is of the essence.

This advanced technology enables medical teams to conduct crucial imaging scans on-site, providing immediate insights into the nature and severity of the stroke. With this vital information at hand, healthcare professionals can swiftly initiate appropriate treatment strategies, significantly enhancing the patient’s chances of recovery and minimizing long-term disabilities.

Frazer Bilt’s commitment to innovation and excellence is underscored by its relentless pursuit of pioneering solutions that address real-world challenges. By spearheading the integration of a CT scanner into a Mobile Stroke Unit, Frazer Bilt not only elevated the standard of care but also exemplified their dedication to improving patient outcomes.

Moreover, the success of Frazer Bilt’s Frst Mobile Stroke Unit has inspired similar initiatives nationwide, prompting other healthcare organizations to explore innovative solutions for optimizing stroke care delivery. See all of our customers here.

As we look to the future, the legacy of this groundbreaking innovation will continue to shape the landscape of emergency medicine, offering hope and reassurance to communities. If you’re interested in becoming one of those communities, complete the form below to learn more.

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