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All About EMS Vehicles Remounts

EMS Module remountingEmergency medical service vehicles, more commonly referred to as EMS vehicles, are designed specifically to take on the challenges of providing care to critically injured or sick individuals on the way to the hospital or other health care provider. For aging vehicles or those that have sustained serious damage in a crash or other incident, remounts can provide a new lease on life and a convenient way for agencies to save money over the cost of a brand-new vehicle. Here are some of the most important points to remember about remounts for your emergency medical service vehicle

What Is a Remount? 

EMS vehicles include a chassis, cab, engine and an array of components designed to help emergency services personnel to provide safe and effective care for their patients. A remount involves removing the EMS module from the current cab and chassis and installing it on a new cab and chassis. In some cases, your remount specialist will also renovate and refurbish the EMS module to ensure the best results for your agency. 

Services Included in Most EMS Remounts 

Companies that provide remounts for EMS vehicles typically include the following services in the process:

  • A full inspection of the frame and connections for the EMS module 
  • Removal of the EMS module from the current chassis and transfer to a newer chassis and cab 
  • Extension of the exhaust pipe to ensure proper fit for the EMS module
  • Alignment and suspension checks for the new chassis and cab 
  • Inspection and possible replacement of bumpers, light housings and door mechanisms and switches 
  • Replacement of main front wiring harness for hookup to the new cab 
  • Painting and finishing of exterior surfaces 
  • Replacement of cables, wiring and fuses as needed 
  • Replacement of all warning lights and signals to ensure optimal safety 
  • Installation of consoles to control sirens and flashing light signals 
  • Assessment of all systems within the EMS module, including the oxygen system, the heating and cooling system, thermostats, cot mounting hardware and flooring 
  • Assessment of interior cabinets

Your used ambulance dealer can provide you with expert guidance on the most effective strategies for your EMS remount. 

At Frazer, we offer customized remount services for EMS modules that can help you get the most from your agency’s investment. If your chassis is beginning to show the telltale signs of age and wear, our remount services are an ideal way to save money while ensuring the greatest safety and utility for first responders. Give us a call today at 1-888-372-9371 to request a quote and to discuss your options with our expert technicians. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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