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Throwback Thursday – Frazer adds a Striping and Lettering Department

For this Frazer Throwback Thursday we head back to 2004 when Frazer earns its “stripes” for a new department.

Frazer Crew apply graphics to a Phillips 66 Sweeny Complex EMS Unit in December of 2019.

In 2004, Frazer sees an opportunity that is a clear cut winner from A-Z! In the past Frazer relied on independent contractors for its unit’s graphics. Now with an increase of EMS Vehicle orders, Frazer decides its time to expands its in-house-production to include a Striping and Lettering Department!  

It starts out with a single-color vinyl cutter and soon flourishes into a full-time service employing a staff of graphic artists.

Here’s a peek at how a Frazer unit’s lettering is prepped – in speedy fashion!

CHECK OUT our customer deliveries gallery to see how Frazer’s Striping and Lettering Department has taken the blank canvas of an emergency vehicle and transformed it into a beautiful work of art!

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