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By: Frazer on October 1, 2020

Trade-Ins, Pre-Owned Vehicles, Rentals and Loaners

Lower Overall Cost of Ownership

Trade-Ins, We Take ‘Em! Pre-Owned, We Got ‘Em!

One of the questions we hear more and more regards whether or not Frazer will take a trade-in. The super short answer is “Yes!” we absolutely do. 

custom emergency vehicle
Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue recently used the trade in model with their older Frazers (seen at the top) as part of an entire fleet overhaul!

While it’s true we’ve always been willing to work with customers on trade-ins, in reality it was never our first choice. For many years we just didn’t have the available personnel to deal with what can be a highly variable situation. 

Early on we rarely got our own vehicles as trades. We weren’t particularly confident in our ability to value vehicles we didn’t build and, as a result, we typically recommended our customers try to sell the vehicle at auction or re-purpose what could be salvaged. 

Over the last few years we’ve added to our sales staff allowing us to make far more trade-in offers to our customers. After more than 30 years of building EMS vehicles, we now see some of our own considered for trading in. Adding to that, just over a year ago our special projects guru, Herb Brady, took on the pre-owned vehicle process and does a great job keeping in touch with a host of people looking for solid options of that type. If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, please reach out to Herb at 888-372-9371.

Other Trade-In Considerations

A municipality trading in an item is a valid option for asset liquidation in most states. A number of organizations opt to auction off their vehicles as a standard process. But some entities believe they MUST offer the item at auction. 

Unless there is some local rule for asset disposal that supersedes state regulations, you should be able to take advantage of a trade-in. The amount offered for the used vehicle comes straight off the bottom line of your purchase price and is clean and transparent for your balance sheet. As with any decision governed by a set of statutes, make sure to verify your own state codes.

We love the opportunity to get some of our own equipment back during the upgrade cycle, and we have a healthy list of customers who love to find those. But we take other manufacturer’s vehicles as well. Valuations and offers will always be contingent on mileage and condition of the truck and module. If you would like to consider combining a trade-in with your next vehicle purchase, please give one of our sales team a call at 888-372-9371.


Frazer is happy to offer some of our pre-owned vehicles for rent. Unexpected issues happen and we want to be able to help when needed. All vehicles have to pass a Texas State Inspection and we go over them extensively in our service shop before releasing them for use. 

Though these vehicles are subject to availability, when we have them we can work with both short term and longer term rentals. Our book rate for rentals is $150.00 per day. Anything at or over 7 days bills at $700.00 per week.


If you’re having a warranty issue we need to take care of for you, we can offer the same fleet of rental vehicles on loan while the work is in progress. As with rentals, loaners are subject to availability. You can call 888-372-9371 and direct your inquiries to Herb Brady in Sales or to Bert Jones, our VP of Service.

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