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By: Frazer on December 10, 2019

Winter Is Coming!

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Maybe you’re a Game of Thrones fan unhappy with the final two seasons and an ending that felt rushed and arbitrary. Maybe you’ve never seen an episode.

No matter, the calendar we live by says winter is right around the corner so we figured now was an excellent time to point out some Frazer features that can improve your cold weather experience.

Bring the Heat

You probably know we’re famous for ice cold air conditioning on our Generator Powered EMS modules. But you may not be aware that the same system has a beefy heater to keep you warm during cold weather months.

Our electrical system allows you to plug into shore line and run the A/C or heat while the vehicle is in the station. Couple this with excellent insulation which provides superior thermal and acoustic protection and you’ll have a comfortable patient compartment no matter the conditions.

Our custom insulation features thermal, acoustic and radiant properties giving you a module that stays at the temperature you want.

If you’re located in a region given to winters colder than we see in Texas, we offer a supplemental hot water heater that runs off the chassis heater. Some services will close the valve on this heater during warmer months, so if you already have one, don’t forget to open that back up as the temperature starts to drop.

A/C - Heat Pump for winter or summer climate control #winter
Our A/C and Heater system can run off shoreline power in summer or winter. Control your climate like you would in your own home.

Maintain Your Pressure

Colder temperature can affect your tire pressure causing fluctuations that result in lower pressure and consequent uneven tire wear. Checking your pressure on a regular basis is a good policy no matter the weather, but becomes more important through the winter.

Frazer offers the CrossFire valve extenders with an integrated pressure gauge to help you keep tabs on your rear dual wheels. Fill both tires from one stem and monitor pressure with ease. Again, this isn’t just a good idea for winter months, but is a helpful option year round.

Chain Chain Chains

Wintry road conditions can wreak havoc on confident driving and your crews don’t have time to spend putting on tire chains.

If you’re area is prone to snow or icy conditions, consider OnSpot tire chains. Rather than putting a full chain on your tires, the OnSpot system swings an actuated arm carrying chains right in front of the tire providing extra traction without the hassle.

You can choose all of the options described above on our Frazer Limited Edition package.

For more information on these and many other excellent Frazer options and features, please give one of our Sales Team members a call at 888-832-9371. Or you can click here to learn more about what Frazer has to offer your service.

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