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By: Frazer on October 26, 2022

Power Options Comparison

Lower Overall Cost of Ownership

Not all power options are created equal! You may have asked yourself… “Which power option is right for my ambulance?” Typically the answer to that question is a combination of cost, maintenance, and more important than ever… environmental footprint. We highly recommend taking a look at your vehicle replacement policy, service resources, and county policies to determine the best power option for your service.

Giving more power options allows for flexibility and scalability of your fleets. This article gives you deeper insights into each power option and how each one can enhance your service.

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Power Options

Option TypeGasoline Powered GeneratorUnder Hood Belt Driven GeneratorLithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack System with Idle MitigationLithium Ion Battery
Pack System with
Idle Mitigation
Independent from Chassis Engine (*Requires Chassis Engine for Battery Charging)YesNo*Yes*Yes
Provides Idle ReductionYesNoYesYes

Cost Comparison

Upfront Cost$ 11,000.00$ 16,500.00$39,000 – $49,000 Dependant on the number of batteries.$ 35,000.00
Spare Equipment Cost (Not Required, Recommended: 1 Spare per 4 Vehicles)$ 5,350.00$ 2,600.00$ 0$ 2,600.00
Annual Estimated Fuel Cost (Based on National Average: $3.88/Gallon)$ 4,850.00Negligible40-50% reduction per year40-50% reduction per year
Annual Preventative Maintenance Cost (Labor Not Included)$ 1,000.00Approx. $ 400.00$ 0Approx. $ 400.00

Maintenance Comparison

Preventative Maintenance IntervalsEvery 150 Onan HoursEvery 2,500 Engine HoursNoneEvery 2,500 Engine Hours
Annual Preventative Maintenance Downtime~8 Hours2-5 HoursNone2-5 Hours
Frazer 12 VDC Fail-safe BackupYesYesYesYes
Installation SpaceLargeSmallLargeLarge
Average Lifespan7-10k Onan HoursUp to 16k Engine HoursMinimum of 5,000 Charging Cycles 100-50% to maintain 80% of day 1 (new) capacity.5,000 Charging Cycles
Install ComplexityEasyEasyEasy (Less Labor for Install)Moderate

Further Comparing Battery Systems & Idle Reduction

Idle Reduction technology allows for intelligent switching between the generator and stored battery power. When your onboard batteries are charged and providing power, the chassis remains off. The system senses when the batteries need to charge and automatically starts the chassis to begin recharging the batteries.

Below is a comparison of our Idle Reduction options.

Battery Capacity Options8.4 kWh, or 12.7 kWh8.4 kWh
# of Batteries2 + (Dependent on Available Space)2 + (Dependent on Available Space)
Battery Run Time (Dependent on # of Batteries and Load)2-4 Hours1 1/2 – 2 Hours
System StartupAutomatic, with automatic restart after system shutdown.Automatic
Battery Voltage12V24V
Battery Amperage660-990 Ah300 Ah
Inverter5000W 12V-Sine Wave Inverter5000W 12V-Sine Wave Inverter
DisplayCerbo Touchscreen DisplayColor Control Button Display
ACU (Alternating Current Unit) HeatNo Heat From ACUACU Heat
AlternatorsNo Extra Alternators – OEM Replacement3rd Alternator
CoolingThematically controlled fan system.Constant Fan Pulling AC from Box
Temperature MonitoringYesNo
Extra BeltsNo Extra Belts – Factory OEM Belt LoopExtra Belt Line
Cutting Hoses/LinesNo Cutting or Moving HosesCutting Hoses/Lines

Power Option Videos

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