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2016 Mobile Stroke Unit Trade Show Schedule

Stroke Unit

Are you interested in seeing the nation’s first Mobile Stroke Unit and learning more about the technology behind it?

Below is a list of events and trade shows that we will be showing off The Mobile Stroke Unit at in 2016.

Come by and take a tour of the unit and see what all the buzz is about.

International Stroke Conference February 17-19, 2016 Los Angeles, CA
Stomp Out Stroke Festival April 30, 2016 Houston, TX
South Texas Stroke Symposium May 8-9, 2016 South Padre Island, TX
International Mobile Stroke Summit May 20-21, 2016 Cleveland, OH
PINNACLE 2016 EMS Leadership & Management Conference July 18-22, 2016 San Antonio, TX
SNIS 13th Annual Meeting July 25-28, 2016 Boston, MA
AHRA 44th Annual Meeting and Exposition July 31 – August 3, 2016 Nashville, TN
Fire Rescue International August 19-20, 2016 San Antonio, TX
EMS World Expo October 3-7, 2016 New Orleans, LA
Vital Signs EMS Conference October 13-16, 2016 Syracuse, NY
ACEP Scientific Assembly October 16-19, 2016 Las Vegas, AZ
SVIN 9th Annual Meeting & 4th Annual Stroke Center Workshop November 16-19, 2016 Brooklyn, NY
Texas EMS Conference November 20-23, 2016 Dallas, TX
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