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Power System Options for a Frazer EMS Vehicle: Onan vs. MEPS

Frazer offers two 120 VAC power systems for your Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Vehicle to choose from: the Cummins Onan Gasoline Engine Generator or the MEPS (Mobile Electronics Power Solutions) Generator.

Determining which power option is the best choice for your agency ultimately depends upon your needs. We’ve compiled a list of the TOP 12 Things to Consider (per our customers):

Power System Options:
TOP 12 Things to Consider

Onan Gas


1 Upfront Cost $13,850 $20,775
2 Spare Generator Cost $5,350 $4,350
3 Annual Estimated Fuel Cost $2,500 Negligible
4 Annual Preventative Maintenance Cost $1,000 $250
5 Average Annual Cost of Ownership (4 yr) $7,125 $4,625
6 Preventative Maintenance Intervals @150 hr up to 2,500 hrs
7 Annual Preventative Maintenance Downtime ~8 hours 4 hours or less
8 Independent from Chassis Engine Yes No
9 Frazer 12 VDC Fail-safe Backup Yes Yes
10 Installation Space Large Small
11 Average Lifespan 7-10k hrs Up to 16k hrs
12 Warranty 2 yrs/2000 hrs 1 yr

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Check out these videos pulled from our archives that talk more about Frazer’s two EMS vehicle power options.

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