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New Suspension Options for your EMS Vehicle

Frazer Offers Front & Rear LiquidSpring™ Suspension for your Custom Emergency Vehicles

In your mobile emergency room, stable rides are critical. EMT’s need to be able to work regardless of road conditions. Frazer offers two LiquidSpring™ suspension options to create a safer and smoother ride for you and your patients.

We offer a rear axle LiquidSpring™ suspension system that can replace the standard factory suspension system. Rear axle LiquidSpring™ can be added to most Chevy, RAM, Ford, Freightliner, and International chassis cabs for around $11,500.

Frazer now also offers a new Front Axle LiquidSpring™ Suspension System that can be integrated with your rear axle LiquidSpring to provide an even smoother and more comfortable ride.  

Key Features

  • Variable stiffness and damping automatically adjusted.
  • Reduced road vibration.
  • Less driver fatigue.
  • Kneeling feature improves door egress.
  • Less maintenance.

Front Axle LiquidSpring™ Suspension Options

Front axle LiquidSpring™ can be added to the RAM 4500, RAM 5500, Ford F-450 and Ford F-550 truck chassis for around $7,500.

If you’d like LiquidSpring™ Suspension added to your next EMS vehicle:

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Frazer has been building custom EMS vehicles suitable for licensing and use as Mobile Stroke Units, Mobile Clinics, and Ambulances since 1985.

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