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Frazer Completes Stage I of OSHA Challenge


Good news. We’ve completed Stage I of the OSHA VPP Challenge. On May 31st, 2013, Mark Briggs, Area Director of the Houston South Area Office, presented us with a congratulatory letter on behalf of OSHA. He also spoke about the unique nature of our company.

“This is a very unique product,” said Briggs. “I never thought that a product like this was made here.” He added: “I’m very proud of you all. I’m proud that you guys have made it through Stage I. I look forward to coming back here in the future.”

Cindy Lewis of Gulf Coast Safety Institute and Challenge Administrator also praised our efforts. “I’ve been very impressed with the progress we’ve made,” she said. “I think it’s been interesting, too. It’s fun to see how you guys do this.”

She echoed Mr. Briggs’ sentiment that Frazer is a unique company with a unique product. “Now as I’m driving down the road and I see an ambulance go by, what’s the first thing I look for? It’s that little logo on the back of the ambulance,” said Lewis. “Now awareness has gone up — and it’s the same thing with safety.”

There are three stages in OSHA Challenge, each bringing us a step closer to the ultimate honor in workplace safety.

One down, two more to go. Bring on Stage II.

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