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Maintenance Tip: Shore Power

Shore Power

One of the most beneficial aspects of your Frazer is its plug-in feature to supply power for air conditioning, which helps with environmental and drug temperature control, and miscellaneous circuits, off “shore power” (not that you are in a boat).

We recommend two things when taking advantage of this benefit.

First, it’s best to kill the power when plugging and unplugging it. If you have an easy way to turn off power to the plug — through the breaker at your breaker box, a switch just outside your quarters, or a switch at the cord — then no arc can occur.

Second, if you are unable to ensure a dead cable, then try hard to remember to turn off the generator before you plug into shore power. Avoid energizing the shore power if the generator is running. If two sources of power are vying for dominance, “chatter” can occur, depending on how fast you are at plugging, which could result in a stuck relay.

Oh, and remember: When you leave the station house, unplug the cable. We don’t want cords hanging as you drive down the road.

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