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Demo with MEPS PMI system – Part 1

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Check out this new Frazer Demo exterior tour in part 1!

Mounted on a RAM 5500 diesel chassis, this custom Type I 14 ft unit has a MEPS generator with a new PMI (power management interface) lithium ion battery system.

Idle Reducing Technology allows the under-hood generator to run your onboard electrical equipment load while quickly recharging your battery banks. This solution allows you to provide electrical power whether your engine is on or off.

From the front of the unit you’ll notice a Ranchhand front grille, dual Buell air horns, and Whelen M9 series lights.

Join Adam on this latest Frazer tour and find out more information on the benefits of using the new MEPS PMI system!

Visit our Demo Units page for more info on the latest Frazer demo units and features.  Also take a look at the delivery photos of this new MEPS PMI demo!

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