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HCA Houston Healthcare EMS Training Unit

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Take a tour of this brand new, one-of-a-kind training unit for HCA Houston Healthcare!

This unique Type I 14 ft. unit is specialized for EMS training. There are several ‘PZT’ (pan/zoom/tilt) cameras on-board as well as a fish eye camera to view the full interior area.

These video feeds are documenting training simulations, and can be viewable from the exterior of the unit via a 75 inch flatscreen TV.

This giant flatscreen is extra durable for the elements, but a fold-out awning on the passenger side can provide additional shade at this viewing area.

Each training session can also be recorded via a DVR system near the captain’s chair. The camera systems are controllable from either of two iPads in the unit.

Enjoy taking the tour with David as he runs through several cool features from HCA’s newest Frazer unit!

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