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Hurst Fire Department

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Tour through this brand new Type I 14 ft unit for Hurst Fire Department!

This new unit is mounted on a Ford F-450 with a Ranch Hand front grille guard.

This unique unit features multiple locations for SCBA bottles, speakers and duplex outlets that provide flexibility for the crew on scene. The exterior features Whelen M-series lights. There’s also a light switch at the stepwell for the passenger side scene light.

Storage and safety features fill the interior of this unit. The crash-test certified LifeDefender cabinets by Austin Hardware can safely hold your gear throughout the interior.

Securely buckle into the 6-point harnesses at the squad bench and CPR seat positions. The yellow grab handles and grab bars include an anti-microbial surface to reduce contamination.

Enjoy the features and views of this exciting new unit for Hurst Fire Department!

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