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Infectious Disease Unit

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Join Adam as he introduces the Frazer Infectious Disease Unit.

We are living in uncertain times with our current health crisis.

Here at Frazer, we’ve had to adapt, improvise and overcome. It’s what you as first responders do best, and we’ve had to take a page out of your playbook.

Our Frazer Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) is a combination of features and options that give new levels of protection to your patients and health professionals. You’ll notice familiar standard features like our UV-C air purifier, antimicrobial grab bars, and non-porous cabinets, walls and doors.

This IDU also includes a ceiling mounted UV-C surface disinfection system, a sealed sliding passthrough window, and seamless cushions. Our goal is to create a space that offers a safe, clean workspace, and easy-to-clean surfaces to increase the effectiveness of your fight against disease.

This Frazer IDU is designed to minimize exposure and limit the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Learn more about at our Infectious Disease Unit page.

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