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A NEW Frazer Demo!

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Welcome to the latest tour of this brand new Frazer Demo!

Join Laura, our Specialty Mobile Healthcare Manager, as she tours through this Type I 12 ft 4 in taller custom unit.

Mounted on a RAM 4500 chassis, this unit is built with both Fire and EMS users in mind. A Go Light sits on top of the cab for additional visibility in dark conditions. For greater storage accessibility, the driver’s side has an inside/outside compartment.

Designed to minimize exposure and limit the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, this Frazer Demo is built as an ‘Infectious Disease Unit‘.

A ceiling-mounted ultraviolet light helps to disinfect the interior surfaces, and UV light bulbs inside the 120V AC  aid in purifying the circulated air. Anti-microbial grab bars and the cot-mounted Technishield by Technimount are additional features to reduce exposure risk.

Enjoy this brand new unit tour and be sure to check out more delivery photos at the Frazer website!

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