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Lufkin Fire Department

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Have a look at this brand new custom Frazer unit for Lufkin Fire Department!

This Type I 12 ft EMS vehicle is mounted on a Ford F-350 chassis with a Ranch Hand front grille.

Several storage compartments surround the exterior of this unit, including a compartment for storing SCBA bottles and bunker gear.

Inside there are plenty of safety features for both patients and crew onboard. Seating at both the CPR seat and squad bench area include 6-point harnesses.

The crash test certified LifeDefender cabinets by Austin Hardware are available for safely storing gear. The action wall countertop has a place to secure a defibrillator with the Technimount medical mount.

Enjoy this new Lufkin Fire Department tour and be sure to watch and learn more about our Frazer Type I units at frazerbilt.com!

Also check out the video of the one-of-a kind Lufkin FD First Responder Vehicle we completed earlier this year!

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