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SECOND Mobile Clinic – UNM Health

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Meet the SECOND Mobile Clinic for Truman Health Services – University of New Mexico!

Have you ever seen a Frazer Mobile Clinic?  

Earlier this year you may have seen a familiar video tour with the first unit for UNM Truman Health Services.  You’ll be able to spot some subtle differences as you tour this unique Outreach Clinic!

This latest Frazer custom mobile healthcare vehicle has plenty of features that bring safety, efficiency, and mobility to the clinic setting.

The spacious interior setup has plenty of space for an intake area, a full exam room, a bathroom, and a consultation space.

This 18 foot Mobile Clinic is mounted on an International chassis and can be driven without the requirement of a CDL license.

On-board you’ll find plenty of cabinetry, locking storage, two refrigerators, and 120VAC outlets and ethernet ports for computer use. There is also a wheelchair lift at the rear and a side entry door safety handle to enable safe entry and exit of the clinic.

Enjoy the tour with Laura as she covers the many special features of this amazing new mobile clinic!


To find out more about vehicles like this Mobile Clinic, visit Frazer’s Specialty Mobile Healthcare Vehicles page on our website!

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