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Victoria Fire Department

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Welcome to this latest Frazer unit tour with Victoria Fire Department!

This Type I 14 ft custom unit is mounted on a RAM 4500 diesel chassis with a Harrison hPower power system. This high performance alternator under the hood powers the unit with an inverter-lithium ion battery pack system. Utilizing idle mitigation, this system works alongside ECO-RUN by Acetech.

Comfort and visibility are on-board with the Front and Rear Axle LiquidSpring suspension and Safety Vision 360-degree camera system.

Inside you’ll find a space efficient door forward layout to comfortably maneuver and store lots of gear. Multiple Valor seating options with 4-point harnesses give the crew security and reachability to their surrounding gear. RFID Asset Tracking from ACETECH is also available to help to make sure essential equipment is not left behind when leaving a scene.

Enjoy all the special features on this amazing new unit for Victoria Fire Department!

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