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Weekly Update – Visibility in the field with your Frazer EMS vehicle

Be Seen With Frazer’s EMS Vehicle Conspicuity Light Options

It seems as though that some of the worst medical emergencies happen when it’s either dark outside or the weather is less than favorable. How can you make sure that your EMS vehicle is seen regardless of the weather or time of day? Frazer has the perfect solution to your problem. We offer various vehicle lighting options including bright LED lights and other types of conspicuous lighting to make sure your vehicle can be seen.

Older EMS vehicles might not have lights that are bright enough for all drivers to see clearly. This is most likely the case when it comes to EMS vehicles driving in poor weather conditions. If you’re questioning whether your current lights are bright enough for all driver to see, contact Frazer. We’d be more than happy to walk you through the options we have available for upgrades on your particular vehicle model. Navigating the streets at night and being visible to other drivers while doing so should always be a top priority.


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