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Remounting Options for EMS Vehicles are Endless!

EMS Vehicle Remounts for San Marcos Hays County EMS

Every Emergency Vehicle that Frazer builds is customized. Remounts are no exception: Your remounting options are endless! 

San Marcos Hays County EMS recently remounted two Frazer Type I Units. It was the first remount for one unit, the second for the other. Both EMS modules were mounted on a 2018 RAM 4500 Diesel Chassis.  Each box received body work as well as new paint, graphics, lights and door locks. Plus, lots of new equipment, gadgets and items were installed.

The new items include:

Your remounting options are truly endless: These are just a few of the 90 custom items San Marcos Hays County EMS added to their remounts! 

At Final Inspection, the Newly Remounted Units are Carefully Checked

The pictures below capture the final inspection process for San Marcos Hays County EMS and give you a peek at some of the equipment added during the two remounts.

What Comes Standard with a Frazer Remount:

Replacement of applicable chassis components such as:

  • Push bar, grille lights, siren, speakers, & aluminum power-coated console
  • Backup alarm, generator fuel tank, and mud flaps
  • 450 hour preventative maintenance on an Onan Generator (if applicable)
  • Shear-plate method of attachment securing the module to the chassis
  • New LED Flex Strips to replace all existing compartment lights
  • Full electrical check
  • New weather-stripping, ribbed rubber & compartment bumpers
  • Complete detail of the module

How Many Times do Frazer Customers Remount?

In case you were wondering,  80% of Frazer customers remount up to four times. 

When Should I Remount?

There are many factors to consider when developing your vehicle replacement plan. These are some averages that we see: Customers typically remount after five to seven years with an average chassis mileage of 151,260.  

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Frazer has been building custom EMS vehicles suitable for licensing and use as Mobile Stroke Units, Mobile Clinics, and Ambulances since 1985.

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