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By: Frazer on December 14, 2020

Frazer and ETA Announce Partnership

Factory Direct

We are expanding and we are expanding rapidly!

Because of this new growth and demand for high quality mobile healthcare vehicles, we have decided to partner with a company on the East Coast to open a Frazer Factory Store!

New Partnership

We are incredibly excited to officially announce our partnership with Emergency Transportation Associates, LLC (ETA) based in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

ETA is a family owned and operated business. They have over 40 years of experience in Emergency Services. Most importantly, we trust them to bring the Frazer Experience out to the East Coast.

“This is not your typical builder/dealer relationship” says Adam Fischer, Frazer VP of Sales & Marketing. “We are flipping that model on its head by modeling this as a Frazer Factory Store.”


Frazer Factory Store

This new Frazer Factory Store will allow ETA to handle all sales and service inquiries for the East Coast. They will cover North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia! ETA will be an integral part of expanding our service network into the East Coast.

The Frazer Factor Store will be run by ETA and will function as an extension of the Frazer team. We wholeheartedly believe that this partnership will allow us to completely revolutionize this territory with our product and customer service.

“The factory store experience is new and innovative to this territory. Customers need ‘speed to market’ and do not have time for a lot of back and forth between dealers and manufacturers. This model reflects the speed and flexibility needed in order to provide the extreme customer service that our customers deserve. We are excited to partner with Frazer and their industry leading EMS Vehicles.”


How it Works

Frazer will be investing time and resources to train ETA’s sales & service members because we want to help them just as we do for our local employees. In addition, we will be giving ETA access to all of the systems we utilize here at Frazer in Houston. We will train ETA on all of our processes that we have found to be successful.

At Frazer, we know that getting emergency service vehicles back on the road is the utmost priority. We will be providing ETA with commonly used service parts so unit downtime is drastically minimized.

We will also be training ETA on our exact remount processes. After that, ETA will be able to provide Remounts for our East Coast customers locally at the Frazer Factory Store.

The new Frazer Factory Store will give us the opportunity to provide our customers on the East Coast with the complete Frazer experience because our first responders deserve it.

Let us know how we can help you get your hands on a Frazer unit!

To learn more about the partnership, CLICK HERE!

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