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Maintenance Tip of the Week: HVAC AIr Filter

AC Filter

It’s impossible to overstate the merits of preventive maintenance. It boosts efficiency, minimizes downtime, saves money, conserves the life of your emergency vehicle. The list goes on. It’s important to know when to service your equipment and why.

So here’s the deal: each week we’ll share some valuable maintenance tips on our blog. Use them freely. This week’s discussion is on changing the HVAC air filter.

Changing your air filter is crucial to the air quality and performance of your HVAC system. This routine can vary based on your environment. The dirtier your environment the more often you should replace your filter. Inspect your filter once a week.

When to replace? You should change the filter at least every 30 days. You can change it sooner if it gets dirty quicker. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you cannot see through the air filter, it’s past time to replace.

Air gets pulled into the system through the evaporator coils (behind the air filter). If air cannot be pulled in, it will not come out. Basically, the air conditioner will not be able to breathe. It’s like placing a rag over your mouth and trying to breathe in.

Signs of a filter in need of replacement? Poor performance or icing of the evaporator coils (due to the restriction).

Go forth and replace an air filter.

PS: Remember to close the side and rear doors at the scene. Open doors equal dirt, dust, and pollution.

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