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The Many Uses of Generator Power

Frazer Generator

Generators are everywhere. They can power a job site, a residential building, or a recreational vehicle. A generator can serve as the main source of power or as a backup option. Generators come in a variety of wattages and prices, and their benefits are vast and varied.

Here’s a quick rundown on the merits and applications of generator power.

1. Campers
Portable power allows you to bring the comforts of home to the campground.

2. Tailgate Parties
Compact generators have been providing tailgaters with hot plates and cold drinks for decades.

3. Food Trucks
Mobile kitchens rely on generators to power essential appliances.

4. EMS
Fire, rescue, 911 and various emergency services rely on generators to run critical devices, from life support to communication devices. These are typically heavy duty generators designed to run for long hours without interruption.

5. RVs
Gasoline, diesel, and propane generators are viable options when it comes to powering your home away from home.

6. Marine
Rugged marine generators power military and recreational boats.

7. Mobile Clinics
Generators enable mobile health clinics to provide preventive care and education to those who need them.

8. Tactical Operations
Tactical units find generator power useful. For example, the Allen Police Department houses a complex, tactical SWAT robot named HAL in an ultracool Frazer generator-powered EMS module.

9. Residential
Emergency generators, with their large engines and efficient design, are capable of restoring power to critical appliances in the event of a blackout.

10. Geophysical
Onboard generators help power geophysical equipment used in mining and seismic exploration.

11. Repair trucks
Your neighborhood cable trucks employ generator power to keep repair equipment running.

12. News trucks
Ever wonder what’s in the back of a news truck? The contents of your average news truck — tape decks, editing bay, vectorscopes, assorted light and camera equipment — require reliable electricity. Onboard generators power the various equipment necessary for live broadcast.

Can you think of any other industry that uses generator power?

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