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Golisano Children’s Hospital

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Check out this new Custom Neonatal & Pediatric Vehicle for Golisano Children’s Hospital!

This custom Type I 14 ft. door forward unit is mounted on a Ford F-550 diesel chassis with a Harrison hPower Idle Mitigation System.

The standout ceiling graphics scheme and custom ‘Niki Lights’ simulate a beautiful day-to-night sky! The interior has multiple safety features including LifeDefender cabinets, a Stryker Power-LOAD, and a Technimount medical mount system.

The newly introduced ambulance is equipped with an array of therapeutic sensory devices carefully designed to address patients’ needs and mitigate the impact of an already stressful situation, taking into account sensitivities to light, noise, and other sensory stimuli. This includes innovative features such as a green energy lithium-ion chassis idle mitigation and battery backup system, significantly reducing both ambient noise and vibration during idle periods and provides backup power in case of a chassis failure. Additionally, the ambulance incorporates noise-reducing insulation to mitigate the effects of lights and sirens, along with ear muffs to provide an extra layer of sound insulation.

Dimmer lighting creates a calmer atmosphere, complemented by soothing illuminated stars and a sky view mural on the ceiling. Sensory strips along the handrail help the patients to hold onto something, while fidget spinner distraction items and safety signal cards cater to nonverbal patients. A vertical bubble machine enhances relaxation, accompanied by the comfort of weighted blankets, among other thoughtful amenities. Together, these elements work harmoniously to minimize anxiety and facilitate a smooth transition to the hospital.

To see more unit highlights like this one, visit the Frazer video page!

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