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A NEW Frazer Demo EMS Vehicle for Texas EMS!

NEW Frazer Demo – Custom Emergency Vehicle

Featuring ACETECH™ – Integrated Vehicle Intelligence

Check out Frazer’s newest demo! Mounted on a 2019 RAM 4500 4×4 diesel chassis and sporting a MEPS under hood generator plus rear AND front-axle  LiquidSpring suspension system, this 14 ft Type I custom emergency vehicle features our first ever module equipped with ACETECH™ iNCOMMAND, a state-of-the-art touchscreen monitor providing medics full control of the vehicle and its equipment from the comfort of the cab. The entire ACETECH™ integrated system takes functionality and technology to the next level combining controls for lights, sirens, locks, battery monitoring and diagnostics, and real-time driver feedback from the in-cab touchscreen device. Take a video tour with Adam!

Gear Storage

The exterior of this 14 ft unit has several features for your storage needs, including a Zico electric bottle lift, adjustable shelving, and a passenger side inside/outside access compartment. Also included with this unit are Whelen M-series lighting, a Ranch hand grille guard, and a 360-degree Safety Vision camera system.

Interior Space

This custom Frazer EMS vehicle features a Side Entry Door Forward layout, dual action area setup, crash-tested LifeDefender cabinetry by Austin Hardware, Technimount medical mount system, Valor seatbacks, and abundant storage space designed with safety, configurability, and ease-of-use in mind.

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Frazer has been building custom EMS vehicles suitable for licensing and use as Mobile Stroke Units, Mobile Clinics, and Ambulances since 1985.

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