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Crystal City EMS Remount Tour

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Check out this finished Frazer remount for Crystal City EMS!

Does this unit look familiar? You may remember Adam discussing a Frazer Remount Demo project earlier this summer. Well here it is! Crystal City EMS learned of the demo unit and decided to purchase it. As you can see the slick red, gold, and black are customized for the streets of Crystal City!

Mounted on a RAM 4500 chassis, this Crystal City unit is a Type I 14 ft unit with a MEPS generator system. This unit is also an Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) with a ceiling-mounted Evergreen UV-C disinfection lamp and antimicrobial grab bars.

Learn from Adam about the added value of remounting. A finished Frazer remount includes updated paint, windows, latches, doors, and more!

Check out your remounting options with Frazer, and visit our Remounting Page!

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